Philanthropic Trustees

The recent months work at Hope Clinic Lukuli has reinforced the belief that creating linkages and using personal and professional contacts is often more effective and has greater long term impact than just paying over a sum of money. From a forum of other philanthropists, we found a health management expert, they visited Uganda at somebody else's expense but had time to visit the clinic. They brought two trainee doctors who provided ideas and encouragement and reference to an electives organisation.

The funding is still important, but in case potential supporters don't want to give funds which they cannot monitor, they can be encouraged to advocate for the programme and use their skills. Many people have an experience or professional skill which to them is simple and easy to replicate elsewhere - but to you seems highly technical and very expensive to buy.

The concept of Philanthropic Trustee is more active than a normal charity trustee which receives proposals and reviews reports. These are more active in their participation and combine use of their skills and oversight with a 'for no personal reward' position to link the programme to larger organisations. They act as brokers, character references and an assurance of propriety.

Perhaps next time somebody asks for money from you, or who you are about to ask for funds, consider their skills and contacts that they could be prompted to bring to you.


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