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USG Meeting in Preparation for HIV Implementers

On 2nd June the US Government delegates from countries implementing PEPFAR and related USG initiatives meet in Kampala. They are following the theme of Scaling Up Through Partnerships that will continue on the 3rd June with the HIV Implementers Conference. A Critical Barrier to Implementation has been the apparent reluctance for ‘larger’ organisations to engage with ‘smaller’ implementers. Just as general practice medical services are a network of small clinics, medium sized health centres and large hospitals, the provision of HIV services require mentoring and referral mechanisms. The barrier that Hope Clinic needed to, and with great struggle did, overcome was how to make the first contact and be heard by the best practice organisations. For the funders of these implementers, greater flexibility to share training, share materials or provide mentoring support would be a welcome lesson to learn when designing the next intervention. It is understandable that national or d

Uganda AIDS Commission - Thank you for the invitation

Scaling Up Through Partnerships: Overcoming Obstacles to Implementation “The HIV Implementers conference has set June’s meeting in Kampala to help partners: - exchange lessons learned and best practices in the scale-up of HIV/AIDS programs - focus on building the capacity of local prevention, treatment, and care programs - enhancing quality - promote coordination among partners. Dialogue about future directions of HIV/AIDS programs, with a strong emphasis on: - implementation best practices, and - the identification of critical barriers”. Hope Clinic Lukuli is an example of partnerships between: a CBO that became an NGO; local village and city councils; the national Ministry of Health; Ugandan and international companies; and Uganda and international health NGO and development agencies. We say thank you to Patrick Mutabwire and Elizabeth Mushabe who were willing to hear about Hope Clinic's work and agre

Coordinating PEPFAR and other donors

Hi from Hope Clinic, This link takes you to our webpage on community and to a link for a 5 minute news feature that appeared on Nation Television on 13th and 14th May. The feature comes a week after the announcement by Dr Apuuli of the Uganda Aids Commission that the HIV Implementers conference will take place in Kampala. The conference is a global gathering of PEPFAR, Global Fund, UNAIDS, governments and international NGO. The theme this year is partnerships and how scaling up of services, particularly prevention, can be coordinated. The feature includes three of the clinic’s clients who are now peer educators talking about their HIV experience and how Hope Clinic has and continues to help them. In the film there are other references to/ images of: - The Ministry of Health/ National Medical Stores test kits for HIV coordinated by the USAID funded DELIVER project; - The Small Grants office of the US Embassy; - The NGO facility coordinated by