Mango - management accounting for non governmental organisations

Before I give you some information on Mango - I hope that readers don't confuse these posts as attempts to get commercial gain for Hope Clinic Lukuli's owners or the organisations referred to. Mango, for example, is a repository of posts and resources from accounting, administration and field staff around the world who are sharing their ideas and experiences. They don't get paid for it, no matter how much their good ideas are used or adopted.

This blog is trying to follow the example set by Mango and GoodwillGallery where somebody who has developed an idea offers it to another person to save their time and effort - which means they can concentrate on their skill areas and perhaps share their ideas.

As for the owners of Hope Clinic Lukuli - none of the eight of us take any money or financial benefits from the clinic's operations. (I had to amend that as I almost said benefits of any type. I must admit to a pride in managing to achieve this and a good feeling when the people around where we live say they like the clinic, the staff there and its services).

So, Mango. In Uganda it is best known as a telephone service, secondly as a great food! But for finance people working for small NGO or charities, trusts or clubs, mango org uk should be a place to know. You can get advice on accounting software, free examples of accounting cashbooks and vouchers to control the business/charity/trust and even enroll to pay for training courses in the country where you are working. The link is on the blog front page


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